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Well Movement Values

The Well Movement is driven by the following values that draw people together in mission.

Three hands raised

Participation: We value the active participation and growth of all disciples. 

Hands praying

Passionate Prayer: Prayer is the starting point for all ministry. We must know the heart of God if we are going to join Him in His work. 

A fish symbol

Obedience-based Discipleship: We value making disciples who willingly respond in obedience to Jesus. Obedience is the onramp to deeper experience, intimacy, and mission with God.

A grain stalk

Multiplication: Becoming a disciple who makes disciples brings you fully into the mission of Jesus. When disciples multiply, churches multiply.

A bright sun symbol

Positive Engagement: We are called to be light, salt, and good news to those around us. 

Two F symbols

Faith on the Fringe: We are called to bring the hope of Jesus to the fringes of society. 

A series of dots joined together by lines

Kingdom Partnerships: God's mission is bigger than any one group. We will be generous in sharing all that we have learned with others.

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