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Image by Ryoji Iwata

The Good News

The Kingdom of God is advancing mightily in the world today! Unprecedented numbers of people are giving their lives to and for Jesus. Some estimate that there are 2,500 movements happening across the globe, each reaching over 100,000 people within the space of a few years. Even more amazing, these movements are happening in places like Iran, India, all across North Africa, China, and South America. This is good news!

The Bad News

Now for the bad news. Not one of these movements is happening in the United States. For all of our megachurches and church buildings across the country, not a single movement has happened. Another sobering reality is that up to 65% of America’s population is completely resistant to “church” as it presently exists. The vast majority of Christian churches in our country are designed and organized to only reach 35% of the people who need Jesus. Let that sink in. 

There is Hope

But there is hope! We can humble ourselves and begin to learn from what God is doing in the rest of the world and from the believers there. We can join many others who are waking up to the reality that something needs to change. Together, we can help start a Gospel-centered movement of hope in Jesus' name. Does this light a fire inside you? Is the Holy Spirit grabbing your attention? If this is you, contact us and let’s start a conversation.

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